Chiswell Green Dental Centre has a variety of ways you can smile with confidence

Feedback from our patients tells us that many adults feel there are no options available to straighten their teeth as braces are typically associated with teenagers.

However, we offer a number of alternative to train tracks which is more suitable to adults who are concerned about the visibility of braces.

One option is invisible braces, known as Invisalign. These are clear, removable, custom-fitting trays which are more manageable than fixed braces.




 Incognito is another alternative, as these are placed out of sight on the back of your teeth.




Some patients who have very crooked teeth, may opt for a fixed brace. These can be metal or tooth coloured.





Before Treatment                                                                       After Treatment

Before Treatment                                                                       After Treatment

NHS guidelines state that not all patients are eligible for braces on the National Health Service. Chiswell Green Specialist Dental Centre offers a private alternative with different payment options available to suit you. Prices can be as little as £5 a day!

If you are considering orthodontic braces, call to book your initial assessment with our specialist Dr Luisa Lucchesi, or to arrange a free of charge consultation with one of our patient care advisors.

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